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Forensic Architecture

Forensic Architecture is “the archaeology of the very recent past” and “a form of assembling the future”. Forensic architects deal with factual findings and logics of actions. They reflect objective and subjective probabilities, and consequences of actions. They analyse points of view in built environments, prove witness testimonies through spatial analyses, reconstruct directions of shots and sequence of happenings, etc. Considered to be the pathologists of the built environment, forensic architects are those who know how randomly-scattered pieces of a digitised building can and should be gathered together.

We apply innovatively the 3D laser scanning technology in the investigation of accidents and criminal offenses. Compared to standard methods of investigation, our approach of special analysis ensures the accuracy of expertise, reduces costs, and preserves evidences. We are proud to use innovative approaches for collecting and seizing evidences with the aims of reliable investigation and grounded results. Besides 3D laser scanning our methods include the application of infrared thermography and various specialised software solutions for 3D analysis and visualisation of the digitised environment.