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As-Built Documentation through 3D Laser Scanning

In many cases the building drawings have not survived or do not correspond to the as-built reality. Our architects have specialised in architectural survey of buildings and facilities and have 14-year-long experience in over 200 survey projects using the 3D laser scanning technology. We prepare precise 2D/3D drawings that reflect the actual geometry of objects in details. The application of our technology precedes the design in built environments and provides an authentic basis of the design process, so that unforeseen expenses, resulting from discrepancies between planned and as-built reality, can be reduced to a minimum. Our activities include the areas of architecture of buildings, industry infrastructure and facilities, historic heritage, etc.

3D laser scanning has been proved in our projects to be an extremely effective instrument for the construction quality control and the documentation during construction. The rapid detection of discrepancies between designed and as-built performance during the construction process leads to timely corrections and avoids the accumulation of errors. The control of the buildings geometry by means of a 3D laser scanner guarantees that the quality of the construction performance and the proper disposal of technical equipment in the building will stay in harmony with the architectural concept.